Our Story


What is Techsimulater? 

TechSimulater is a Tech Firm dedicated to a variety of technological development. With an emphasis on app development, computer development and networking. TechSimulater's aim is to introduce the latest technological products to the world and to develop apps in order to solve both growing concerns across the world. 

Here at TechSimulater, we are dedicated to achieve your purpose in business. We have the ability to develop and achieve absolutely anything our clients desire. We are proud to inform you that we have been involved in and have created many successful projects, some of the many include: Qatar Airways Mobile App, Heelo, Angry Birds Circus (TBR in 2019). 

Heelo is the project we love the most, especially since we made Heelo. Heelo is a messaging platform focused on video calling, calling and messaging your friends and family at your own convenience. Heelo's main focus is to provide simplicity, connectivity and flexibility to your way of communication in order for you to enjoy your long conversations with your loved ones. If you would like more information please visit the Heelo website. 

Why TechSimulater instead of any other software development firm? 

The TechSimulater team is not a new team. This firm has been involved in the business for over 6 years, TechSimulater provides a guarantee of transparency to its clients. Once we give you a quote then thats it, that will not change you will be charged this only once and we will do the rest. We make sure you are at rest and we take care of all aspects including launch, marketing and launch options. We have an in-house event management team who can take care of your launch and make sure that your big day goes as best as it can be. 

TechSimulater makes sure with prior research that you do not have any further costs whether that is licensing or any government costs. With our links in governments and firms globally we can get you connected with the largest firms including many of Fortune500 companies to make sure your app or website hits the ground running. We are also one of the largest tech firms from London, expanding internationally, currently we are able to take projects and manage them due to our office locations in the following countries : Canada, France, Israel, India, Switzerland ,United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America.

TechSimulater is known to be the most cost efficient company in London for app development, our prices are always lower and we make sure of that. We are always happy to price match if you can find a price more cost effective than us. 

Lastly, above all our exceptional services we offer instalments in your payments. We understand that payments for an app or software can get really expensive and companies and individuals just entering the world of technology can find it really hard to settle in. Hence, why we break down the cost and do not charge any costs for this plan. 


TechSimulater OWned Projects: 

  • Chase Coins 
  • Zombie Combat
  • TechSimulater App
  • Heelo 
  • Heelo Kids (TBR) 
  • Trigger Social (TBR)
  • Sapphire Crystal Gambling (TBR)


Techsimulater's Motive: 

To take over the world and leave a mark of its ownership in every sector. TechSimulater wants to find solutions for all your problems. Now technology and next your finance management. TechSimulater is slowly taking over. Drug Free Taste (DFT) is an example for that. DFT is your most convenient supplier of booze. But there's a catch DFT stands for Drug Free Taste therefore, all drinks sold on DFT are 100% Alcohol Free.


Future projects: 

If you desire to have us take on your project, please do get in touch with us. We will happily provide you a cost effective quote and explain exactly what every part of the quote includes. If you desire to get in touch for any other business enquiry please contact us through the phone or send a proposal included email to the business management team.