TechSimulater a company created by a 11 year old (Khurram Asif), who is known as the CEO of TechSimulater. He started off with a YouTube channel dedicated on technological coverage late 2011. Leading him to his first step into his career of technological development, his dream was to enter the world of Computer Science being successful. 

In 2013, He opened TechSimulater officially with a more professional YouTube Channel with a the current website made from his coding skills which lead him to get into the career of his dreams. His coding skills gave him the opportunity to develop an app for his business and then publish it on the Android Google Play Store. Then he took a break from his business and YouTube to focus on studies.

In 2015, deciding to move on his business he decided to learn more coding languages and then started developing two game apps which then got him to a very successful deal which was the start of his career in terms of his business and profession. 

His successful deal with a major airline carrier allowed him to publish his games in order to maintain the company. Now he manages his  A-Level studies as well as his businesses. He will be doing more work in 2017 to inspire and motivate school students in London to start an entrepreneurial beginning. In 2017 he launched UK's first social network (As of September 2017 holds 6.1M users), Heelo has become a worldwide phenomenon due to it's great conferencing feature makes it the best app for video calling. Our fast growth in the Middle East has made Heelo very strong. 

TechSimulater is proud of it's investors, due to our $2.3Bn investment round just in 2016 from several sources makes us one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK. Khurram has shown surprising growth as an entrepreneur in the last few years. Seeing a 17 year old make such inspiring growth is always great. Khurram holds a very hard lifestyle and loves staying on top of it. His sleeping patterns include 3 to 4 hours a day and most of school and work. Khurram is also proudly releasing a book in December 2020 and looks forward to show you his life on paper.