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Here at TechSimulater News, we will be keeping you updated on the latest corporate news. Whats new at TechSimulater. We may have some videos of the CEO, CMO, COO, Senior Project Managers and developers talking about their projects and everything new. Below you can meet the team for the first time.

These news presentations will not be formatted as professional news articles therefore, you can class these as updates in the company. There is also, a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to if you are interested. 

Any news regarding Heelo will be on it's website and not on TechSimulater's website. 

Updates for the first time

  • Qatar Investment Network invests into TechSimulater 
  • Khurram announces his first biography 'House of Destruction' to be released in December 2018
  • TechSimulater website gets refurbished
  • Heelo valuation climbs to $3 billion after further investments
  • TechSimulater announces that Heelo will be seeking major updates for iOS and pre-release of Android late 2017, early 2018
  • Khurram Asif finally plans to leave education and will be leaving in December 
  • Preperations for Heelo's H Conference 2018 start (Information be released soon)
  • TechSimulater App will be getting a complete makeover 
  • TechSimulater announces a casino and gambling app to be coming to you in December 2018
  • TechSimulater Tower now is consideration for construction in 2018
  • TechSimulater raised $7 billion from Qatar Investment Network

This is just the beginning for us  and we have a lot for you coming in the future! 

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