Our Leadership

The rules to a successful corporation is a successful team leading it. Khurram has not done it all alone. Khurram has a very strong team which leads it. Below you will get the contacts to this team and be introduced to the main staff. 


Khurram Asif


Email: KhurramAsif@TechSimulater.com

Michael Baird

SVP/ Project Manager

Email: Michael@TechSimulater.com

Ijaz Ahmed 


Email: Ijaz@TechSimulater.com

Melissa Carter

SVP/ Senior Advisor

Email: Malissa@TechSimulater.com

Ayaz Hussain

SVP/ Advisor

Email: Ayaz@TechSimulater.com

Leonardo Velettes


Email: Leonardo@TechSimulater.com

Samia manzoor

SVP / Project Manager

Email: Samia@TechSimulater.com

Mikaela tipton

VP / financial advisor

Email: Mikaela@TechSimulater.com

Sophie campbell 

SVP/ General Manager

Email: Sophie@TechSimulater.com

Tasneem asif


Email: Tasneem@TechSimulater.com

ANtonio Minelli

SVP/ Senior Advisor

Email: Antonio@TechSimulater.com

Danielle Ridghetti

Svp/ design and acting head of hcoin 

Email: Danielle@TechSimulater.com

Aisha Mahnoor


Email: Aisha@TechSimulater.com

Miller D Franklin

SVP/ General Counsel

Email: Miller@TechSimulater.com

Jessica helyar

Events co-ordinator

Email: Jessica@TechSimulater.com

jamie cwalinski

accounts manager

Email: Jamie@TechSimulater.com