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Current Projects


Heelo major updates
March 2020

Heelo is really looking forward to showing off again. Heelo is coming to London on 3rd March 2020. Heelo will have a completely redesigned user interface with new integrations of phone number usage and a completely new way of inviting friends and family to join and with the same level of privacy.


Drug Free Taste
January 2019

DFT will be opening two worldwide stores in Dubai and London where there will be a physical store selling DFT drinks. DFT will also, be announcing distribution to worldwide major airlines to have the ability to have DFT drinks on planes and first class lounges.          


Sapphire crystal betting and casino
june 2020

Sapphire Crystal is the app that will revolutionise the gambling industry completely with a virtual casino linked to major casino such as the golden nugget, will allow the please of gambling at anytime in your powerful hands. And this will be followed by an opening of a physical casino in 2021.


Get Connected

Getting connected when making or releasing an app with the right people is highly essential. The reason behind  97% apps never making it to the top charts throughout their lifetime is due to connections and marketing something we specialise in. We guarantee a project with us is a project to get you to the top. 


Rest & Relax

With our exceptional care and service, we make sure you can spare your time to rest and relax. Like we say it 'Peace of Mind'. We create peace of mind for you by providing all the facilities a start up business will need or a continuing corporation may need for an app. 

We understand your needs and wants and make sure we always keep our promises and fulfil them. 


Exploring Hidden Secrets

We love to help you out by finding what your app really needs. No matter what platform there is always a gap in the market and if you find it your business succeeds therefore, we find the hidden secrets for you for free and advice you to add those features in. 



A very noisy celebration for your app is essential for its launch. Once your app reaches finalisation, we will advise you to use our in-house event management services to launch your app. We have connections with major PR services in the UK. Our partnerships with hotels such as The Mayfair Hotel and Hilton Park Lane can be extremely worthy for your app launch. We really do know how marketing is done. 

Our partner program is something that you can sign up to at the cost of nothing. So, if you desire to use our connections please do contact us for the information. 

And finally enjoy the celebration and lets pop some bottles! 


Why Wait?

Lets go on this journey together! We're always ready for new projects. We always take only what we can and what we are intrigued by. Book your booking and connect with us. Don't wait, email us and connect and if you need information on how to do this it is below.